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Month: July 2016

I’m Backkk!

My goodness!

It has been a looong time since I last posted.

Today is the last day of July. It has been one crazy month; I managed to accomplish most of what I wanted to though- thankfully! Camp NaNoWriMo is officially at its close, and I finished at 100,198 of 100,000 words. I apologize that I have not posted regularly, and I am hoping that I can get back into it within the next few days or so.

So far, Camp has included many, many late nights (writing is more important than a good night’s sleep after all), copious amounts of caffeine and chocolate (of course!), a few moments- or more- of questioned sanity, and slightly sore fingers. All in all, it has been a great month.

I hope that everyone else who is participating is having a great time! Remember: if you are consistently sitting down to work than you have already accomplished so much more than you realize!

Jack London said that “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” As far as creative work goes; I think this is a great motto. However, it is important to remember that sometimes rest days are important. Sometimes you just need to let things sit- it is perfectly valid. Silence can be a tool, just as long as it does not last forever.

Well… there is always something more to accomplish, and there are very few things that are impossible- or perhaps none at all.

Hopefully, I will have another post for you soon. Until then…

Don’t forget to save your documents!

(Also, cookies for whoever manages to figure out the reference in the title of this post…)

‘Till next time!

A General Update (and Camp NaNoWriMo!)

Well… I disappeared again.

The past two weeks have been crazy! Camp NaNoWriMo started (shout out to all of the people participating this month!), I started a month long-seriously-condensed foreign language class at the local community collage (yes, I am still in school), and my grandmother is in town (yaahoooo!). I started a few posts, but nothing made it past the beginning of a first draft, now that I have more of an idea of what my schedule for this month will actually be, I am hoping that I can start posting regularly again.

Now, a bit of an update for Camp NaNoWriMo…

I started a new story! I’m about half-way into the one that I was working on in April (and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a series… oops), but it’s been floating in place for the past few weeks- I also lost track of the plot- so starting a new story seemed like a good idea. I will finish April’s novel at some point, but, right now, I think I need a break. Mid-story slump style.

As for this month’s NaNoWriMo, I have been so distracted with everything else in my life right now that I am barely reaching my daily word goals. But the story is slowly moving along, and I am not really feeling the need to push myself as much as I usually like to. I will have a separate post up soon with a more complete update for the story; I am hoping that I can do an update at least once a week- if not more often.

Now… news!

Clearly, this is not a very eloquent post…

I am currently working on a few cool things that should be near to completion within the next few days! I’m super excited, and I hope that you will be too!

Before I end this post, here is a (very belated) quote for the month:

“The true alchemists do not turn lead into gold; they turn the world into words.” ~ William H. Glass

Until later…

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