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Month: November 2016

A Reminder for the Future

Hello friends,

In light of the recent US election, I hope that everyone is surviving and handling everything as best as you can. No one is alone.

As the future changes, there is one thing that all of us need to remember: stand together. It is time to help others out, it is time to walk with those who are being pushed to the sides, it is time to make sure that the laws built over the last eight years reaching closer to equality are not torn to pieces.

For those in the US: we cannot let this country slip backward; it is our duty as citizens to ensure that our rights are kept. This is a time of bigotry, racism, sexism, shaming, and shouted opinions, but the world is not ending.

We have power in this country, and the most basic of laws are not easy to change; our founding fathers made sure of that fact, and now it is time for us to stand. Not with violence or hate, but with a surety of our own equality.

For those of color, for Muslims and Jews, for immigrants, for LGBT+ people, for women, for the disabled, for the mentally ill: I am so sorry for what you are seeing, and hearing, and for the added troubles that this future may bring.

Whether you have been pushed to the side, marginalized, hated, considered inferior simply because of who you are– or you are simply struggling to manage the grief that so many people are feeling: this is not the end of your freedom; this road may be rough, but it will not destroy you. There is hope.

Hope that you must create, hope that you must cling to, hope that you must believe in, hope that you must be willing to work for. Hope that will stand silently at your breast to raise its voice when it is needed.

For those who are considered ‘normal’: please, stand with friends, family, and strangers in tough situations. Stand with those who need help and those who are afraid. Stand because you can. Stand because, despite the difficulty and time that it takes to change laws, this future could be incredibly dangerous for so many. Stand because we are all equal, all human, all of beating hearts.

The disdain that now is shouting and riling must be met calmly. Despite how totally encompassing it may seem, what you see does not define who you are– what you believe does.

This is not a time to hide underneath bedclothes and hope that the shadows underneath the mattress will disappear. It is time to pay attention, to prepare, to consider, and to help others. This is a time to dig back to Martin Luther King Jr.’s wisdom and remember that we must never give up.

Stay safe.

November is Here!

Good day! Welcome to November!

Have you stockpiled all of the leftover candy? Fuzzy clothing and mystical hats? Is the pumpkin and squash domineering your refrigerator?

Whew, this year is moving unreliability quickly; it seems like another month has passed each time that I pause and look around. We just have the make the most of it, yes?

Speaking of which, it is time for another quote:

“Know your literary tradition, savor it, steal from it, but when you sit down to write, forget about worshiping greatness and fetishizing masterpieces.”
~ Allegra Goodmanq

‘Till later…

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