I’m backkk!

Independence Day? Anyone? Bueller?

Excuse me…

I hope you will forgive my lack of posts since the new year, I have been traveling, and caught up in social gathering after social gathering, but I will not bore you with the details.

2017– what a year: two-thousand and seventeen… there is, undoubtedly, a lot to think about for the future: safety, life in general, work, writing, whatever you care to add to your list.

Making a list of new year’s resolutions is one of our family traditions; it is always a work in progress, but it gives a few general ideas to start the year with. If you are rolling your eyes and saying something like: ‘Yeah, right. Those never last long.” Such an assumption might be correct, but I have found that having a list is helpful in itself. It’s a great reminder for the times that you loose sight of your goals.

Anywayy… it is already the 12th (eeekkk!), but that does not mean that it is too late. No sirree! I dare you to pull out your pens and pencils, or computer, markers– or whatever it is that you choose to use…

Before I ramble even more, here is a snippet of my current list (just the writing related things):

  • Edit String and Bone.
  • Publish… a book.
  • Regularly post in this blog (I have some exciting things in mind, but it may take a bit to organize them).
  • Start working on an anthology.
  • Explore more styles and formats.
  • Pitch something to a publisher– why the heck not?
  • Complete all NaNo events, camp and otherwise.
  • Look through some older pieces of work.

Phew, I think it sounded better in my mind. Of course, it will probably change, but the intent is there!

Now, it is time for me to scurry off and try to get ready for the rest of the month. If you are making new year resolution lists of one sort or another, I’d love to hear about it, if you so choose!

Until next time, my friends (and it will be soon)…