Ouch, this post is late.

Well, much later than I would have liked it to be.

I was planning on posting something early in the week, but this has been a crazy week and I suppose that time got away from me. As I was planing on offering a quote to puzzle over for the beginning of the ninth month of the year, I will do so now. And as this is the beginning of fall, I have chosen a quote by Jean Luc Godard that I believe could relate to seasons (or chapters as they have also been called) in one way or another: “A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order.”

Indeed I shall agree with you.

It seems that many great stories have each of these points in different orders, certainly, it seems a story must have many different beginnings and endings and middles. The best stories have unspoken words.

The ninth month. How did that possibly happen? If anyone happens to find a book on how to communicate with the stars and let them know that this year is moving by way too fast, please let me know.

But I will save my disjointed wonderings for latter.

For now, I am also going to save my weekly post for this coming week. Which I am surprised to admit, begins tomorrow. At the moment, I will simply post the next chapter of Beautiful Cracks and wonder where I put the recipe for banana bread.

More shall be said at a latter date, when I will be pondering the many versions of plotting.