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Raven’s Pen started as a place to talk about writing and books. It has expanded a bit since then, but all-things-writing continues to be the basis. These electronic pages include the following:

  • Anything writing related. Adventures, advice, mostly coherent rumination, and slices of my work are a few.
  • Books, books, and more books. Who can live without books? Not me.
  • Bits of history. I love history… which is why I am sure that bits and pieces will sneak onto these pages.
  • Quotes. I collect quotes, and there are too many wonderful ones not to share.
  • Random pondering about life, various fictional worlds, creativity, and who-knows-what-else… all most link back to writing in one way or another.

Who am I?

Let’s see… an aspiring writer, animal lover, history fanatic, book hound, and chocolate obsessed daydreamer… I love the nights just before the full moon and contemplating unanswerable questions. My fantasies are fueled by sunsets and the contours of four legged beasts. I am a writer– or I am working toward it.

Stories have always been a large part of my life, ever since I was little, and being a writer sounds like the dream job; especially since I like to let my imagination guide me. Although I have yet to be published, I am currently preparing one of my novels to be launched into the world.

What do I write?

My passion for writing lays in speculative fiction (Sci-Fi, dystopian and fantasy) with occasional bits of psuedo-history/folklore/ect. thrown in. I like to write about questions… but my characters always end up following their own plot.

And for those curious, why is there a raven in the title?

Ravens have always captured my attention. I have always been delighted to see them flying in large circles with their wings tipped against the wind, and their calls trill me as much as they startle me. But the raven in the title? Well, that was a happy accident. It jumped onto the page and I could not refuse to let it stay.

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  1. I like the Ravens as companions of Odin. Out of all the stories of myth, the one I find most compelling may be Odin giving up his eye in his search for the deeper mysteries of wisdom. He gave up ultimate power to travel and discover these mysteries for himself. The Ravens are Huginn (“thought”) and Muninn (“memory” or “in mind”).

    • N.J

      That one is intriguing! I like the idea of Odin giving up his power…. it shows a different side of what power actually is.
      One of the first raven folktales I ran into is the Haida Gwaii story of how the raven became black. The raven stole the sun, moon, and stars from a Gray Eagle who had hidden them. When the raven was flying around the world to drop each of those items, fire started to burn and raven was forced to drop it. The wind blew ash across white raven, and the raven became black from then on.
      I am wondering: would you happen to have any suggestions for folktale books I should look at?

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