Chapter Thirteen

The sun rises in the sky with a pale light. She crosses her arms and cringes as she changes into her normal form. It does not take long before she hears something scrambling along the rocks and Keone turns the corner of her boulders with a scowl.

It crosses its arms as well and drops its bag next to its feet, “You put a combustible rock in my bag!” She uncrosses her arms and moves towards it, “Of course I did, I wanted to make sure that you knew I was serious.” Keone tightens its crossed arms, “Well, I won’t have to tell anyone about you because Marie, or whoever it is, saw you on the scanner and knows that there is still a Hirpoun around here. They’re hunting for you just as you know. And there’s no where that you’ll be able to hide.”

She smiles with satisfaction, “Of course they’re looking for me. But you forgot one thing Keone, that’s exactly what I want.” Keone opens its mouth to respond; but it stops as she changes back into her Hirpoun form to tower above it, “Why else would I let you know what I am?” Keone scuffs its feet along the ground, “Well, it seems as though you’re already dead and you know it. The townspeople won’t allow you to live for much longer. You’ll be lucky if you have until tonight.” Her smile turns into a grin that makes her feel as though she is floating, “I’ll just have to move up my plan then.” “You have…a… plan?” Keone’s voice is a squeak, but it quickly drops back to normal, “If you have a plan, then why are you telling me that you have one? Because I might as well tell everyone and make sure that you can’t get anyway with anything. Everyone will know that you’re coming. If you’re playing a gamble, then you’re playing a very bad one.”

Keone turns around to leave, but she latches her hand onto its shoulder, “Oh, you’re not going to tell anyone. You see Keone, you’re part of my plan and you’re going to stay that way for as long as I want you to.” She mentally crosses her fingers and hopes that she is right, “I know that your ship’s people wouldn’t care about one life that’s lost, but many lives will be something different. And everyone knows that your life isn’t simply one life. You’re the thing that everyone asks when they want to know something. And you see that the universe is falling in the same way that I do.”

The words come out of her mouth on their own before she can stop them. Keone blinks and shakes its head, “No, you don’t know anything and I don’t know anything. Besides, what are you going to do with me? You can’t take me wherever you’re going to run to because it would be too easy to catch you. You can’t kill me because everyone will know and you’ll be in much more trouble. And you can’t use me because I’ll tell everyone about you.”

She smiles at his false words, “Of course you won’t tell anyone about me. You see things the same way that I do. And I could kill you without getting in trouble because I’m already in trouble; and I already have more power than you ever will.” She bites her lip briefly, “I’m going to let you go Keone; the same way that I did last time. But I’ll destroy you and everyone else if you tell anyone about me. Until then, let your ship’s beings know that they should have a good hunt.”

She grins again, and then she turns and leaps onto the boulders with her heart beating in her chest. She does not need to pretend that she does not exist anymore, and her new information will change her plan again. Keone is no longer the being that she thought it was. And now she has an actual asset for her cause.

She climbs into Sa’s cave and walks up to the Silosc, “My meetin’s over. Now we hav’ some things t’ do before th’ end of th’ day. Tell some of your beings t’ get an armful of those explodin’ rocks and bring them back here. We need at least an armful of th’ good ones. An’ tell your men t’ be mindful of where they step.”

The Silosc scowls at her, but he turns to his gang and divides her orders among them without complaining. She turns back to the entrance of the cave and tries not to look smug. Her heart roughly beats in her chest as she stares towards the town. She should have known that Keone was different, and she should as known that it would refuse to admit it. But she has been too busy planning to focus on anything else. She can only hope that Keone will come back and admit that it is like her.

But she doubts that it will. Even if they are similar, she is still an enemy and she will stay that way. She does not intend on trying to prove that she is any different than the demons and devils that her race is associated with.

Her plan will start a war if it goes the way that she hopes. Perhaps it will even do more than that and create something that will not be cast away easily. Keone would never forgive her for something such as that; but she does not care what Keone thinks. She is something that no one will be able to touch, and her abilities are far more complex than even she thought. No, she is not something to laugh at. And her plan’s name is destruction.

Something moves among the rocks, and she cannot hide her satisfaction as she sees Keone standing in between two boulders and waving its arms towards Sa’s cave. She smiles as she jumps out of the mouth of the cave and across the boulders in the path. Keone scowls at her as she lands next to it and grins, “So you came back did you? I knew that you would. You know just as well as I do that our differences are irrelevant.”

Keone’s scowl deepens as it crosses its arms, “I don’t agree with you and I don’t think that you have any right to do anything that you might be planning. I don’t even know if you’re telling the truth about us being similar, but I think that I might have something that you need. And I think that you’ll pay to get it. Whatever the cost is going to be.”

Her grin falters, “And what would that be? What could possibly be so important that I would risk something, anything, for it? What do you think you know that no one else could? You couldn’t possibly be that brilliant or that special.” Keone lifts its chin, “I see things, and the things that I see concern you and whatever sort of rebellion you’re trying to plan. Which is not going to go very well by the way.”

She grins again, “No, it won’t because everyone will be dead soon enough anyway.” Keone works its mouth open and closed a few times before turning its scowl into a demanding glower, “And what would you possibly know about that? You don’t have a prophesier in that group with you. That would be impossible because all of the prophesiers around the universe have been accounted for. At least, almost all of them have been, and I would know if there was someone else.”

She steps closer and looks down at Keone, “You would know if there was a prophesier, but you wouldn’t know if I’m around. You think that you know everything Keone, but the things that you see are just the beginning. I see everything else.” She mentally crosses her fingers that it will not see through her jest.

Keone moves backwards slightly, “Right, what does that mean? Are you saying that you are some sort of special being that can see the future? Or are you saying that I don’t know what I’m seeing? Because I can assure you that I do and whatever you happen to be seeing is wrong. I know what’s going to happen and I’m being nice enough to come and warn you that it’s not going to be good.”

She closes the distance in between them with a single step, “You’re wrong Keone, I know things that you never could. And the things that I’m seeing are things that you’ll never be able to imagine. You can take your deal and your offer to a different place, because I won’t be taking it from you. And I’ll most certainly not be paying. I know what I want and what is want is something that you’re going to give me whether I ask or not. I already have everything that I need, and the only thing that you need to decide is where you stand. Goodbye Keone, next time we see each other, I’ll either use you or kill you. The choice is your own, but you should think carefully because I won’t bother to give you enough time to decide.”

She turns and leaps behind the nearest boulder with her heart racing in her chest. She was right, after all of this time, she was right. She is not the only one who is seeing things, and she is also not the only one who can tell that things are not going to go according to plan no matter how firm her plan is.

She climbs back towards Sa’s cave. She has something that no one else does, and that is proof that things can be changed no matter how unlikely it is. No, she is stronger than she was an hour before and now she has everything that she needs. She only wishes that Sa would show her something.

She stumbles as her mind seems to melt and she wipes drool away from the corner of her mouth. It seems as though Sa is being nice and her wish is granted. She stumbles again and falls onto her back to stare at the sky. The sky changes into a dark galaxy, and then she is staring at Sa’s strange face.

Sa watches her, and then she is falling and falling without moving at all. Sa catches her hand and pulls her onto a planet with red dust. She looks across the flat ground and then she falls again; she lands in a haze covered town where everything is burning with a strange yellow light. The light tears through sheets that are hanging on a line and burns through the side of a wooden house with white slats. She runs without knowing why, and then she is standing in Sa’s cave with her feet blistering underneath her and the lines across her legs bulging. She tries to hide from a gust of wind that sends a flood of sand into the cave, but she ends up back in the endless galaxy with her hand clutched around Sa’s.

She wants to open her mouth and ask what she is seeing. But her mouth does not open when she wishes and Sa shakes a strange head. She falls back and back; until she is laying on sand covered rocks and her plan is running through her head. She has things to do. Too many things to do.

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