Chapter Twelve

She tries to hide her smile as the Silosc approaches her with the rest of his gang close behind. “What kind of thing do ya’ hav’ planned?” She smiles at the Silosc again, “First, I want t’ make sure tha’ everyone knows where they stand. I’m as much in charge here as ya’ ar’ if we’re going t’ do this. Ya’ can give tha’ orders, but I’m tha’ boss too.” The Silosc scowls and spreads his hands, “Fine, but ya’ better hav’ somethin’ t’ offer.”

She smiles again with her legs steadying underneath her, “I hav’ somethin’ better than tha’, I hav’ someone. An’ someone tha’ I can use. In fact, I hav’ already set the beginnings of a plan up, an’ the only thing t’ do now is make a deal. Do we hav’ one?” “We might, if ya’ hav’ somethin’ t’ offer tha’ ain’t just a promise. I don’t deal in promises girlie. I only deal in things that I know can be useful.”

She smiles again with her stomach tightening, “Very well, than why don’t ya’ follow me back t’ th’ cave where ya’ met me tha’ first time. I hav’ somethin’ t’ show ya’ if ya’ want proof.” The Silosc waves to his gang for them to move in closer, “How do I know tha’ what your wantin’ t’ show us agin’t a trap?” She smiles again, “Because I hav’ many way t’ trap ya’, an’ I asked ya’ t’ come here instead of dragging ya’ here. Do ya’ doubt what I can do? Because that’s just another reason for ya’ t’ follow me. I think ya’ might be pleased when ya’ see what I hav’ already.”

The Silosc purses his lips and regards her for a moment, before waving her forwards, “Fine, but ya’ goin’ first an’ ya’ leadin’ th’ way as well.” She grins, “I wouldn’t expect it t’ be any other way.” Her feet slip slightly on the rocks as she crouches. And she crosses her fingers that her plan will work as she leads the gang back to Sa’s cave. She stops as she reaches the entrance and smiles back at the Silosc before stepping inside, “Ya’ hav’ nothin’ t’ fear in here. Th’ ones who hav’ t’ fear are the ones in town.”

The Silosc frowns as she motions towards the entrance of the cave and looks towards the town with her heart beating in her chest. It should not take much longer. “What do ya’ hav’ t’ show us? I ain’t plannin’ on playing games here girlie, an’ I hav’ th’ mind t’ kill ya’ before we leave this place.” She looks over her shoulder with a grin as she sits down towards the mouth of the cave and pats the ground next to her, “I don’t think tha’ ya’ will want t’ kill me. Th’ thing I want t’ show ya’ ain’t here, but this th’ best place t’ watch. Come on, join me and wait for a few moments, I’m sure tha’ it won’t take much longer.”

The Silosc frowns in disbelief, but he joins her at a safe distance and stands with his arms crossed, “I don’t see anythin’ that’s makin’ me want t’ change my mind about your existence.” She leans back on her hands and crosses her fingers tightly. If she was wrong, than she will die sooner than she thought she would. But at least she will not end up dying by the council’s settlers hands.

She can still hope that she was right; and she can hope that the settlers will turn the fence on soon. The fence sparks, and then it flares to life with a snap that turns into the ringing of electricity. The Silosc turns towards her, “I don’t see anythin’ girlie.” She smiles thinly and watches the town with her heart racing in her chest, “Wait for a moment Silosc, this ain’t th’ right time yet.”

The Silosc opens his mouth to answer, but he is cut off as an explosion sounds through the air. A ring of fire leaps into the sky from the center of the town and dissipates in the dark sky. She turns towards the Silosc with a smile as he watches the ensuing fire leap onto a ring of buildings, “What do ya’ think about a partnership now? Does it interest ya’ any more than it did? I can still go my own way, but yer the first group t’ get my offer.”

The Silosc turns towards her with the flames from her fire reflecting in his eyes, “Very well, I think we might hav’ th’ beginnings of a deal. But tha’ still doesn’t prove th’ ya’ have more of a plan.” She stands up with a grin, “Why would I do somethin’ like th’ if I didn’t hav’ more of a plan? No, I hav’ more of a plan, and I hav’ many more plans after that.”

The Silosc scowls in disapproval. But he turns towards the center of Sa’s cave and finds a place on a large fallen rock that looks like a stepstool. The rest of his gang watches him as they stand around the cave with their weapons in their hands. She tries not to fiddle with her fingers as she waits for him to say something. And she cannot hold back her sigh when he points towards her, “I think we hav’ some things t’ discuss. This doesn’t mean tha’ I’m in, but this does mean tha’ ya’ get t’ hav’ a change t’ prove ya’ know what your doin’.

“Th’ beginnings of a deal still stand, but I’m th’ only one who gives orders t’ my boys. Ya’ get to come up with some of th’ plans, but that’s it. I get total control an’ that’s goin’ t’ be final.” She nods and stalks towards him, “Perhaps, but I get t’ call things if anythin’ goes in a different direction than expected. I get t’ make th’ decisions if somethin’ goes wrong. An’ tha’ is final as well. Ya’ might hav’ control, but I’m still th’ ones who’s makin’ th’ plans.”

The Silosc scowls and looks across the faces of his followers, “Fine. But everything goes through me first. Tha’ is th’ way tha’ it’s goin’ t’ be, an’ it’s goin’ t’ stay tha’ way.” “Very well,” She finds a place on another rock across from him, “Than we might as well begin with somethin’ t’ do tomorrow. I hav’ a plan tha’ will work well for tomorrow, but there’s someone tha’ I hav’ t’ meet to make sure it will stay.

“There’s a being from the town tha’ came on th’ ship an’ I think it’s goin’ t’ come lookin’ for me again. Ya’ will stay out of sight an’ I’m goin’ t’ hav’ a conversation.” The Silosc scowls, “Why don’t we just take it and use it like everyone else? Ya’ forget tha’ I’m in charge.” She stands up and looks down at him with the gangs weapons clicking towards her again, “An’ ya’ forget tha’ I’m th’ one who’s goin’ t’ come up with th’ plans. An’ this being happens t’ be part of a plan tha’ I don’t intend on lettin’ ya’ mess up. I’m in change for now, ya’ can leave if ya’ can’t handle tha’. But ya’ know tha’ this is a war that’s goin’ t’ happen at one point or another whether ya’ like it or not. An’ I happen t’ have a way t’ get ahead of it without ruining our chances. Right?”

The Silosc scowls, but he does not object. She turns her attention to the gang surrounding them, “As I was sayin’, I’m goin’ t’ hav’ a conversation with this being. An’ your goin’ t’ stay out of th’ way. I’ll tell all of ya’ th’ next part of my plan when I’m done.”

The Silosc’s scowl deepens, “Tha’ ain’t th’ deal. Ya’ just don’t want any of us t’ be able t’ follow your plan without ya’.” She smiles thinly, “Perhaps not, but I also told ya’ tha’ I need t’ hav’ this conversation before I know which version of th’ plan I’m goin’ t’ use now. Your goin’ t’ follow along with my conditions because ya; know ya’ hav’ t’, an’ I’m right despite what ya’ might say t’ yourself.”

The Silosc glowers at her, but he relents and turns away after a moment to speak to his gang. She tries to hide her sigh of relief as she glances towards the town; she is in a lot of trouble if Marie truly in in charge. It will not take long for Marie to realize what she is. And Marie already knows that she has a Sight.

At least, now she is not alone. And she will quickly have an advantage if she is right about the ship’s beings. Until then, she can only hope that Sa will show her something before she is forced to move onto the next part of her plan. She stands up and moves to the front of the cave to cross her arms.

Now she is living with her enemies, but it is one of the safest places that she could be. She is sure that Keone will come looking for her again, and she will be waiting when it does. Keone will either try to destroy her or ignore her, and she will happily take either. She can still use it again if she needs to. And she will need to.

She needs to find out what Keone’s abilities are so that she can turn it into her own weapon. She was right about the rocks, and now she will need something even better. She has an entire group of beings to command now. They may not follow her orders without the Silosc telling them what to do and they will not die for her, but the possibility of a mutiny only makes her job more interesting.

She will use the tricks that are played on her against her enemies and she will make sure that she always has a backup plan. No one will catch her when she does not want to be caught if she can help it. And Marie… Marie is a variable that she does not like. But Marie is not her friend anymore; she became an enemy the instant that the ship landed.

If there is one thing that she can accredit to the settlers, it is that they always know who has their loyalty. Her loyalty is to herself, and that is the way it will stay.

She turns away from the town with a frown; it is time to become the devil and demon that she is called. It is time to become the seer and the prophecy. She is sure that someone must have delivered a prophecy to the council of beings at some point. They would not have tried to ‘reform’ her planet without it.

Regardless of what the prophecy might say, she will create her own version and bring it down on their heads. Perhaps she is starting a war simply because she does not have anything better to do. But it feels right; her plan feels right. And that seems to be something that only Sa could give her.

She turns around and faces the Silosc again, “I’ll leave for th’ night, ya’ stay here an’ I’ll check in th’ mornin’ before I hav’ my meetin’.” The Silosc scowls and opens his mouth to object, but she steps off of the cave’s ledge before he can say anything.

Her legs catch her as she lands in between two large boulders towards the bottom of the mountain. She might not be invisible, but the sensors can only move so quickly. She can assume that she is safe for the moment. She jumps from boulder to boulder to find the spot where Keone found her.

She wedges herself in between the two large boulders and watches the sky as she waits. She has not slept since she turned to her Hirpoun form, but she is not tired. Her natural form seems to have even more advantages than she thought it did. And now she will have to use all of them.

She listens to the wind that rushes in between the rocks as she leans against the boulders. What if she is wrong about Keone? But she will not be, she knows what to expect. She can guess for her entire life, but now she is the master of a plan and she needs to know instead of thinking.

She will create the things that she needs and she will learn the abilities of each of the beings in the Silosc’s gang. She will use them as she will use everything else around her; and perhaps they will be lucky enough to live for the next few days. The Silosc was right, this is not a war that anyone will be able to win; but she is going to try. Even if it is only to prove that she can.

She chews her nails, she might be her parent’s daughter, but she is different in too many ways. She has always been living inside a dream world with Sa watching over her, and now it is time for her to be a Hirpoun. This is who she is supposed to be- this is what she is supposed to be. And Sa will have to tell her when it is time to stop. The family that watched a city sink is here, and she is watching them. The time is coming for things that are impossible.

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