The race is on…

The provisions and supplies have been sorted…

The maps have been laid out and the mountains have been acknowledged…

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun like all tales…

I started re-reading The Hobbit tonight, which may account for this post’s entrance. C’est la vie. (By the way, Tolkien was brilliant… absolutely brilliant.)

Ahem… back to NaNoWriMo. Today marks the end of the eighth day, so far, I have 32,613 out of 50,000 words (I’ve thought about raising my goal, but I still haven’t gotten around to it), slightly more of a plot than I started with, and only a smidgen more of an idea of what I’m doing.

Speaking of which, does anyone ever actually know what they’re doing?

That’s a post for another time though. Back to camp… I now have a synopsis! Here it is:

No one believed in magic two hundred years ago. There were occultists and theory-keepers, but they were a minority until a third republic rose, aided by an unexplained power. Now, magic is not only acknowledged, it is forbidden.

Leigh was born in the slums to a mother who was executed as a witch. Now she rides the routes of the nobles with her influential father, but she is not entirely human. She is one of the Mels; people who are born with metal in their bones. If being the daughter of a witch is not enough, Mels are considered second-class citizens, and she could easily be executed without a trial if her secret is discovered.

The future planned for her is filled with an arrange marriage, boring hours spent following the ‘ladies’ professions, and timeless days spent being told the things that she cannot do. But her heart is set on a life of freedom.

With cities cracking from the pressure of enthroned rulers, flaming politics, and questions of what society actually is: every moment of freedom could be her last. When a new threat reaches the city, she will have to save far more than just herself.

It could use a bit more editing, and I doubt it’ll fit the story once I’m done, but I think it’s a great please to start.

Until next time!