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A Quote for December

Whoa, how did the months change so quickly? I swear, last time I looked up, it was the middle of November.

Ah well, a new month means that it is time for a new quote…

This is one that I have thought of a lot lately, perhaps because of its shortness– it it about the length of a motto:

“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.” ~ Stephen King

Let’s tell the truth, but hide it inside phantasms that make it greater than it is.

November is Here!

Good day! Welcome to November!

Have you stockpiled all of the leftover candy? Fuzzy clothing and mystical hats? Is the pumpkin and squash domineering your refrigerator?

Whew, this year is moving unreliability quickly; it seems like another month has passed each time that I pause and look around. We just have the make the most of it, yes?

Speaking of which, it is time for another quote:

“Know your literary tradition, savor it, steal from it, but when you sit down to write, forget about worshiping greatness and fetishizing masterpieces.”
~ Allegra Goodmanq

‘Till later…

A Quote for August!

It’s August already! Seriously, I have no idea where this year is going.

Has anyone found that ask box directed to Time yet?

Anywayyy, it’s time for a slightly late quote for the month!

There are so many great quotes that I practically had to close my eyes and snatch one, fortunately, I like what ended up sitting in front of my keyboard…

“Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies.” ~ Terri Guillemets

I hope that everyone is having a great month so far; and a great year as well!

Until next time…

April Abound

April is here.

What do you mean it’s the third? Pff.

Camp NaNoWriMo has begun… the month of little sleep has begun. To be honest, my goal is far lower than usual this month, so maybe I will actually manage to have a sleep schedule like a normal, responsible person. (I doubt it.)

Anyway, a new month means a fresh quote. Here it is:

“There is something delicious about the first words of a story. You never quite know where they’ll take you.” ~ Beatrix Potter

Create a fairyland writers; taste the words like fresh berries.

(I just realized that I forgot to post a quote for the month of March: oops! It is now listed on the Quote of the Month page.)

February is Here

I keep thinking that it is still January.

I spent hours yesterday doing everything else that I needed to do to avoid writing this post… I am not fond of anther January disappearing.

It is February though, and that means that it time for another quote of the month: “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Well…. it is nice to hear that from a great writer.

Happy February everyone!

Happy New Year and 2016 Goals

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that today is the second day of 2016…. 2015 certainly flew by!

I intended on posting last night, but our internet is finicky right now and it was not working. It is back on for the moment, and I am hoping that it will stay that way.

Because it is a new year and a new month, it is time for a quote: “Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.” ~ Virginia Woolf

New Year’s is often thought of a new beginning; but I prefer to think of it as a continuation of the previous year, and an expanse of freedom. It is a time to consider things that have been and might be. And it is a time to come up with lists and wishes…

My parents and I usually write down goal lists at the beginning of each year; they become a basis, a touchstone if you wish, for any goals and accomplishments that may show up over the course of the year. It is rare that I end up completing anything on my list, and most of the things that I write down are constantly evolving… but it is still nice to spend time considering what they can be.

Because it is the beginning of the year, my goal list is turning over in my head. Here are a few of my goals that relate to writing and reading:

  • Edit and publish Subliminal
  • Finish Kohinoor’s second book and start on the third
  • Update the blog regularly
  • Explore different writing styles
  • Read 100 books
  • Work on the book that I have always wanted to write
  • Continue writing Beautiful Cracks

Last year, I actually ended up completing two of the things on my list, and I am hoping that I will be able to do more this year. The best thing to do is keep learning, no matter what it is; and that is the first thing that is always be on my list, whether it is written down or not.

On a slightly different note…

This blog has been around for almost five months! Woohoo!

Because this week is filled with lists and dreams, I am looking at the future of this blog. It has been a wonderful challenge that I hope to continue!

At the moment, I am looking for a tagline that is better suited to what this blog actually is. As well… It seems silly for this blog to be limited to writing; if you remember, a few months ago I mentioned that I may start posting book reviews. So far, I have not. But I intend on doing so in the future (hopefully nearer rather than farther).

The majority of what I post will continue to be about writing; in fact, everything may continue to be about writing… I simply want to open up what this blog can be.

I am also excited to let you know that I have a holiday-esque short story to post tomorrow!

So, there it is. The new year has come; ideas are running; and hopefully this year will be even better than the last.

I wish everyone a wonderful beginning to the new year!

December is Here and an Early Announcement

I apologize for my absence lately!

Things have been extremely busy around here; NaNoWriMo is now over (I finished with 135k, which is more then I have ever written in November); my parents and I spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota with my mom’s side of the family (a lot of family gatherings, my cousin’s bat mitzvah, and several people under the age of ten); and I am trying to decide upon a schedule for the rest of the year.

I started writing multiple posts, but none of them ended up being finished… hopefully I can use them for another time.

And now it is December.

Wait, how is it december already?

It should be November again, or maybe even October. Unfortunately, I still have not found a way to request an extra week. Or an extra month. Maybe there is a secret postoffice for  letters to Time that I have yet to find.

I am entirely unused to the idea of this being the last month of the year.

Because this is the first of December, this post needs a quote:

“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” ~ Shannon Hale

A first draft is always important indeed.

This last month, I have spent a lot of time working on two horrible first drafts. Thankfully, I have not read them over yet and decided to delete them; it helps that I still have not finished either of the stories. I am going to let them sit in a drawer for a while before editing once they are done.

It is protection against frustration. Although, small amounts of frustration are most likely unavoidable.

Alright, enough of that… Now I am going to bring up another sideways topic:

How many of you write new years’ resolutions? My family and I always do. Well, almost always. It is close enough to always that I will ignore the minor inaccuracies.

I am already thinking about my new years’ resolutions for this coming year. There, I have said it. I am bringing this up because there is something pretty important included: I am planning on publishing.

What will I be publishing, prey tell? Do you remember the synopses that I posted at the end of October for my NaNoWriMo novels? Well, one of them is Subliminal; and Subliminal might end up being my first published book if things go well.

At the moment, my first draft is still not finished; but it is getting closer, and I intend on having a complete first draft before January.

I am pretty excited. Extremely excited.

Things are not set into stone… but publishing Subliminal in 2016 is a viable possibility, and so I am going to hope for the best. I have other announcements regarding that particular book, but I am going to set most of them aside for now; although, I will mention that Subliminal is the beginning of a larger set of stories.

Why is Subliminal on the top of my “I wish to publish list” right now?

  • It is shorter than most of the things that I have written, and therefore, editing does not seem nearly as daunting.
  • It is about halfway done at the moment.
  • It has actual chapter breaks; unlike many of the other things that I am working on.
  • I really like the story; although, it is very different then what I usually write.
  • I already have a temporary cover.

It is also a story with many possibilities. I like possibilities.

Alright, that is the news for now. I hope to put up the next chapter of Beautiful Cracks soon, until then: Welcome Dear December. I hope everyone is having a great week so far.

The Reasons for a Missed Week

How is this the last week of September? Has anyone found a way to lengthen this month?

Clearly, I missed posting last week, and Monday, and Tuesday. Well, this has been a strange week. I suppose I could use that as an excuse if I needed one, but I actually have a few good reasons for my absence. In a list:

  • I finished my fourth novel. It is completely unedited of course, but it is done.
  • There was a lunar eclipse on sunday night (no, that is not an excuse, it is a fact). Did anyone else see it? It was absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, none of my pictures turned out.
  • NaNoWriMo is a little bit more than a month away. And I still have no idea what I am going to work on. (For anyone who does not know what NaNoWriMo is, I will be talking about it later. Once October is here.)
  • may have slightly lost track of time last week. Oops.

As this is the last week of September (eek), I have a quote to present for the month. (On a side note, I know I mentioned that I am pulling together a standing page of quotes a while ago. I do intend on putting one up, but I am still trying to figure out how to organize it. For now, I will start a page with a quote for the month and possibly a few others as well.) This month, I have chosen a quote by Neil Gaiman, “When writing a novel, that’s pretty much entirely what life turns into: ‘House burned down. Car stolen. Cat exploded. Did 1500 easy words, so all in all it was a pretty good day.”

It might be ironic if compared to my life at the moment; the post-finished-novel unedited-mess-that-I-will-let-sit-in-a-drawer. But it is a good quote. And Halloween is next month.

Well, I will post the fifth chapter of Beautiful Cracks soon.

A Quote for a Late Beginning of September

Ouch, this post is late.

Well, much later than I would have liked it to be.

I was planning on posting something early in the week, but this has been a crazy week and I suppose that time got away from me. As I was planing on offering a quote to puzzle over for the beginning of the ninth month of the year, I will do so now. And as this is the beginning of fall, I have chosen a quote by Jean Luc Godard that I believe could relate to seasons (or chapters as they have also been called) in one way or another: “A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end… but not necessarily in that order.”

Indeed I shall agree with you.

It seems that many great stories have each of these points in different orders, certainly, it seems a story must have many different beginnings and endings and middles. The best stories have unspoken words.

The ninth month. How did that possibly happen? If anyone happens to find a book on how to communicate with the stars and let them know that this year is moving by way too fast, please let me know.

But I will save my disjointed wonderings for latter.

For now, I am also going to save my weekly post for this coming week. Which I am surprised to admit, begins tomorrow. At the moment, I will simply post the next chapter of Beautiful Cracks and wonder where I put the recipe for banana bread.

More shall be said at a latter date, when I will be pondering the many versions of plotting.

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