A blog is a work-in-progress…


You may have noticed that there are a few differences; you are entirely right. I changed the tagline for the blog… I am trying to find one that is better at representing what this blog is, and what it will hopefully become. I have also completely updated the About page (it was seriously bothering me).

You may remember that I mentioned changing things at the beginning of the year… but it has clearly taken awhile for me to do so.

The topics that I post about will probably stay the same, but there will probably be more book reviews and maybe some other stuff thrown in. I am not quite sure what that ‘stuff’ will be… but I hope I will know it when I find it.

Also, Raven’s Pen has been around for about half-a-year! No, I am not celebrating yet. I am saving the cookies for the one-year mark. But it seems like it is worth mentioning…

Until next time… which I believe will involve the glorious world of editing.