I apologize for my absence lately!

Things have been extremely busy around here; NaNoWriMo is now over (I finished with 135k, which is more then I have ever written in November); my parents and I spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota with my mom’s side of the family (a lot of family gatherings, my cousin’s bat mitzvah, and several people under the age of ten); and I am trying to decide upon a schedule for the rest of the year.

I started writing multiple posts, but none of them ended up being finished… hopefully I can use them for another time.

And now it is December.

Wait, how is it december already?

It should be November again, or maybe even October. Unfortunately, I still have not found a way to request an extra week. Or an extra month. Maybe there is a secret postoffice for  letters to Time that I have yet to find.

I am entirely unused to the idea of this being the last month of the year.

Because this is the first of December, this post needs a quote:

“I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shoveling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.” ~ Shannon Hale

A first draft is always important indeed.

This last month, I have spent a lot of time working on two horrible first drafts. Thankfully, I have not read them over yet and decided to delete them; it helps that I still have not finished either of the stories. I am going to let them sit in a drawer for a while before editing once they are done.

It is protection against frustration. Although, small amounts of frustration are most likely unavoidable.

Alright, enough of that… Now I am going to bring up another sideways topic:

How many of you write new years’ resolutions? My family and I always do. Well, almost always. It is close enough to always that I will ignore the minor inaccuracies.

I am already thinking about my new years’ resolutions for this coming year. There, I have said it. I am bringing this up because there is something pretty important included: I am planning on publishing.

What will I be publishing, prey tell? Do you remember the synopses that I posted at the end of October for my NaNoWriMo novels? Well, one of them is Subliminal; and Subliminal might end up being my first published book if things go well.

At the moment, my first draft is still not finished; but it is getting closer, and I intend on having a complete first draft before January.

I am pretty excited. Extremely excited.

Things are not set into stone… but publishing Subliminal in 2016 is a viable possibility, and so I am going to hope for the best. I have other announcements regarding that particular book, but I am going to set most of them aside for now; although, I will mention that Subliminal is the beginning of a larger set of stories.

Why is Subliminal on the top of my “I wish to publish list” right now?

  • It is shorter than most of the things that I have written, and therefore, editing does not seem nearly as daunting.
  • It is about halfway done at the moment.
  • It has actual chapter breaks; unlike many of the other things that I am working on.
  • I really like the story; although, it is very different then what I usually write.
  • I already have a temporary cover.

It is also a story with many possibilities. I like possibilities.

Alright, that is the news for now. I hope to put up the next chapter of Beautiful Cracks soon, until then: Welcome Dear December. I hope everyone is having a great week so far.