Hello to the void of the internet!

I am beyond excited to begin this site… which leads me to an answer for the first question of the day: who am I? I shall point towards my page titled ‘About’, but a short description here is necessary: I am an aspiring writer, animal lover, history fanatic, book hound and hot chocolate buff (yes, even in summer).

And what is this site you may ask? Well, this is a place for me to discuss writing, post helpful resources, and post some of my own work as well! In short, this will be a place for me to post writerly and writing related things.

I will begin writing a serial story next week (one cause for my excitement); I plan on posting a chapter each weekend for those who may happen upon this site in the big wide net. Please check back if you are interested!

Now, what kind of things do I write? I tend to write fiction that jumps across different genres, I like to stick my toes in however many places I happen upon when scribbling down words. I also occasionally write non-fiction from the point of view of fictional characters. Thoughts on pages are some of my favorites. Whether they be my own or those of a character trapped in a glass ball rolling down a hill in tenth century London. As Earnest Hemingway once said “There is no friend as loyal as a book.”

I suppose that this site will be smattered with quotes as well. You have been warned.

I will welcome feedback regarding my work (please refrain from swear words), as well as writerly discussions. I am hoping that this site will grow to become something wonderful; whether it be a small pebble in a large ocean, or a smooth moss covered rock at the edge of a stream. Things such as these are yet to be seen. After all, this whole world is filled with journeys and paths that can lead to a thousand places!