I find one of the hardest things regarding NaNoWriMo is trying to decide what to write during the month of November. I have a list of unfinished stories, and then I have another list of first lines and first paragraphs. One of the advantages of writing is being able to collect words.

Collecting words does not make it easy to decide on a story to work on for a month.

That is why I have two listed.

I will probably decide on one in the last moments before midnight. Or not.

The insanity has risen.

Remember how I was talking complaining about synopses at the beginning of last week? Welcome to the emporium, please wipe your feet at the door…

Subliminal with shake your hand and learn more in those moments than most will know for a week. She is fickle, just like her synopsis.

The year is 3022. After decades of blissful contentment, the world has been thrown into chaos. Politics has grown bloody and a resentment of force has split the population into two groups: government disciples and the revolters. Those that remain neutral do not dare to peek through their window curtains.

In a world that is split by many divides, children go to schools specially made for their abilities and predispositions; where everyone is safe and no one is left behind. But some of those children disappear without a trace.

Ilsi is one of them.

The divide between what she knows and the things that could be has been torn apart. Her name is not her name anymore; her mind is something that she cannot control; and she no longer knows what she is capable of.

She has become a nameless face in a sinister experiment.

When friends find her and bring her back into the world, she is unable to warn them that they may have made a mistake that no one will forget. With her grip on reality slipping, people who claim to love her watching every move, and the government hunting for her: will she learn to control her new abilities before it is too late?

“We are the ones who watch things disappear.”

Mountains of Red Silver will avoid shaking your hand and use her older-sister-book as a shield. She thinks she knows what she wants, but that cannot last.

Kohinoor is home and finally living the life that she wants. Her only wish is to see the rest of her family again. But her perceptions are changed when her brother arrives, deathly ill and filled with stories of slavery and terror. Her life is turned farther to the side when Omar rides through town with a squadron and blistering news: the Shahanshah is sick, armies are seeing the kingdom as a perfect target, and she might be the only one who can shift the fates of the land. If she can become the warrior that she has never considered.

Kohinoor might be home, but her adventure is far from over; she will have to go places that she has never dreamed of, face dragons that destroy cities, and change a Seer’s prophecy.

My attempted first lines of a plot are sitting to the side, the hot chocolate in the house is growing, and I am slowly trying to convince myself that writing 100,000 words in november will be possible.

Four days does not feel long enough.