Hold onto your pages, or your bootstraps if you prefer.

Actually, I doubt you will need to. I have news that is minutely exciting.

Well, one is more exciting than the other…

The less exciting shall go first:

I now have a Twitter account! An entrance to the black hole of social media…

Yes, I am now one of those people.

Actually I have had a Twitter account for a bit, but I was ignoring it for the last few weeks. Until yesterday.

I am going to try to stop ignoring it so often.

And… exciting news number two:

Book reviews are in the future!

This will be either very good or not so good.


I am going to start writing book reviews for a few of the things that I read and see how it goes.

One more thing that shall be called ‘off topic':

This week is most likely going to have a record of posts. Wait, I should amend that: this week will have a record of posts. There, I have said it.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Which means…. A Halloween post and the last day of the month!