Sleep? What’s that? Is it like an old record or something?

I don’t have anything against old records; frankly, I think the newest pop music really sucks. But that’s an entirely different topic.

Today’s topic is- oh look there’s an old pirate with a cutlass and an eye patch! Get back to the blog and finish your post for gods’ sake! Oh right, okay…

NaNoWriMo + not as much sleep as usual (see the aforementioned) = coffee/sugar + unproductively + something like the feeling of standing at the very edge of an existential crisis (only lasted for a moment) = a dangerous situation.

You know how I’ve mentioned that reading is always a good thing to do? I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. More about that later…

You might have noticed that a lot of my most recent posts have far more questions than answers. Why is this? Well, I usually have more questions than answers, and I’ve actually been at a loss for a way to organize most of the things that I have to say on this blog.

The posts I come up with seem just fine in my head, but getting them onto this electronic paper hasn’t exactly functioned the way I plan. Am I just tired right now? Probably. Actually, turn that into a definitively.

I’m not the only one, my NaNoWriMo novel’s MC hasn’t exactly been getting a good amount of sleep each night either. While I’m starting to catch up on sleep, she isn’t. Let’s see, she’s got a combination of: giant headaches, a fear of being discovered and executed, magic returning to her world, threat of marriage, muddling friend/servant among other things. It isn’t exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep is it? Not to mention the voice in her head. And her story has barely started…

Ignoring the whole concept of sleep in this post (real or fictional), let’s get back to the question of questions. It sounds a bit like a mind bender doesn’t it? Actually, it might be.

Why are humans so interested in questions without answers? I’m not talking about atoms or mico-cells, I’m talking about the things that might never be understood. Things like how to define a word without using words; whether or not anything can actually exist; whether thought is possible; whether destiny exists in any one of its forms ect.

I like questions without any answers, I always have. I few years ago, I realized that there is an entire ancient field dedicated to this sort of thing: it’s called philosophy.

Go ahead and laugh; I did.

Let me just say that I am not a philosophy major; I know practically nothing, but I like to think (or I like to think that I like to think). And I like to think that that might possibly count for something. Sorry for the twisted English language there.

So, why do people always have questions? I guess curiosity is what makes the world go round as it is said. What does a child do when they do not recognize something? They ask a question, and then they explore their answers. Whether that child is a kitten, a foal, a lamb, or a human, questions are a first reaction to a new situation.

But why are unanswerable questions so tempting? Is it because they are unanswerable? I think so.

A question is not a question unless its definition is unknown. The funny thing is that we rely on questions, and I think there is an appeal to things that cannot be answered, especially for people who are not STEM oriented.

Just think about all of the things that have sprung out of questions; beliefs for instance. I know, touchy subject. Why do beliefs exist, and why does religion exist? Could it be to give meaning to things that are undefined and answer questions that are unknown?

It might be a big generalization, but can you list a belief that has not sprung out of a question? I’m at a loss for one right now. Beliefs fill so much in this world, and I think it’s pretty shocking to look at life as see how many beliefs you have whether you know it or not.

Just think about an average person’s thought process as they are driving to work; how many things in our lives are ruled by superstition and belief? I would say probably more than a first glance will realize. Honestly, how can anyone truly know?

Which brings me to what I think is a umbrella question for at least a bit of philosophy: what the frick is anything at all?

Until next time…