This has been another crazy week of me not posting…. oops. I am truly sorry that I have not been around!

I have come back with an announcement though!

A group of people have been incredibly patient these last few months while I have been trying to set up a short pieces week… the date has been moved back multiple times, but Short Pieces Week is here!

This is the way it works: Myself and a group of wonderful people from NaNoWriMo will take turns posting a prompt for the day starting tomorrow (January 18th), and going through either saturday or sunday. Everyone will then use that prompt as the basis for a short piece (under 5,000 words) and share their piece on their blog if they wish!

Please feel free to follow along! I will post the prompt for each day here and link to the prompter’s blog.

I will have the first prompt posted tomorrow morning!

Until then…