This post is going to be a bit different than usual…

Today, my family and I drove to a different part of the state to pick up a load of hay. The road we took is the type where passing ten or twelve cars can be counted as traffic. Hedged by farmhouses and ranch land dotted by the blobs of cows and fences, the small town that we passed through along the way used to contain a post office along with the rest of its buildings, but I believe that it closed down about a year ago. Our destination was a second town along the same road- amid the stretching and mountain engirdled, horizon landscape – with fresher fields and far more green– horses are the occupants of almost every third or forth field– but the majority of space is used for agriculture.

It might sound slightly dismal, but people actually seem to be doing very well.

We have been buying hay from the same people for the last few years, and they are relatively transparent about the state of their crops (a fact that I had not truly noticed until my mom pointed it out on the way home). Like so many people in the melting-pot that our state is, they cobble together their lives as they see fit- agriculture, horse breeding, working a more traditional job ect. Some things are done for necessity, but many are done for pleasure as well as making a living.

The people that we buy hay from chose to own agricultural land, and it is a conscious choice that they have kept. I think that is important to this post because of one main thing: I think it is easy to forget that what is often considered ‘normal’ is just one (typically) socially acceptable version of living life.

So many people in this world live in cities where the everyone seems to be trying to race time. There is the always the larger objective, the giant new challenge that must be accomplished by a set date, or the action that has been done a thousand times and now must be repeated. An exhilarating rush for the people who love it; a dull roboticism (that isn’t a dictionary approved word, but maybe it should be) for the people who despise it. So is the life of the corporate.

Alright, let’s get back to the point, shall we?

I love hearing stories of people who are slightly quirky; artists chasing their dreams as though they cannot live without it, and perhaps, they cannot. There is something beautiful in a slower world. Or perhaps, it is simply a more connected world.

More connected to the expanse of whatever is around you; instead of the next deadline that someone else has set.

Of course, all of this ties into a different discussion about passion that I hope to post soon. But, I digress.

Corporate situations fit many people, and so they should. But there must also be a place for someone who is not interested in being the next big CEO of a brilliant company; someone like a distant neighbor of ours who works out of their home and keeps goats for fun- and as a second source of income, or the family that I began this post with.

I am not saying that aiming for something large is bad, or that deadlines are unimportant: quite the opposite. Deadlines are usually necessary to accomplish goals on your own, and reaching as far as possible for you dreams is something that should always be done.

Seriously, go for your passions.

Not everything needs to be large and fancy. If the goal of a life is ‘living well’ and happily/with passion, than why should we try to shove anyone into tiny boxes? There should be room for simplicity. And simplicity in contentment. Or visa versa. Whatever you find yourself floating on.

Isn’t happiness part of what we all want? Of course, stability is often on many people’s minds as well, but surely the two can work together.

Perhaps I am biased, this post is certainly colored by my own opinions, but I think it is important to remind yourself every once and a while that a life is what you create. It should not be ‘lesser’ to be pleased by little pieces of a larger accomplishment; or to aim for something that could be considered an ‘old-fashioned’ way of living. Not everyone’s grand wish is to be a great doctor or a brilliant scientist; although, surely there are many people in the world who aim for just that. No one is lesser than anyone else simply because of what they want to accomplish in the world.

This post is heading in circles- or maybe it is just my thoughts. Seriously though, there is freedom in this world as long as you are willing to look for it.

So… to condense this post into one sentence: There is no shame in being different.

Also, there is no shame in wanting something different.

As long as you don’t harm anybody.

Yeah. Let’s make peace trendy again.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have the temptation to comment…

Until next time! (You can bet that a similar discussion will be continued- with more writing stuff added along. It all arcs around.)