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Things Books with LGBT+ Characters Need More Of

Lately, I’ve been trying to read more books with queer characters. To be honest, I’ve been pretty slow with getting through fiction lately, I’m trying to catch up though! This is has been an interesting and difficult thing to accomplish, not just because many of the books I want to read with queer characters are not in the public city library system, but because it’s hard to know where to start looking.

Indeed, I had to search through multiple lists just to find as many as six books that I’m really interested in reading!

Queer characters are far and few between- although the numbers seem to be growing (you can read my previous posts about that stuff here and here), and that makes stereotypes incredibly prevalent in many places. However, I have run into some authors that are avoiding the common stereotypes to an extraordinary degree! More about that later…

For this tiny little post, I have tried to pull together a short list of a few of the things that books with LGBT+ characters are seriously lacking.

Note: this is an incomplete list and entirely open to personal opinion.

Here we go!

  • Diverse lesbian/gay characters
  • More asexuality
  • More bisexuality
  • More pansexuality
  • More LGBT+ characters with diverse nationalities
  • More trans characters
  • More genderqueer characters
  • More non-binary characters that are not robots
  • More gay trans characters
  • More happy endings

I wish everyone a great Monday!

‘Till next time…


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  1. Oh, yes, more happy endings!
    I read Star Trek novels–the past decade has (in stark contrast to previous patterns) featured some of the best sci-fi writers ANYwhere–and the first 3-dimensional recurring gay character I’ve encountered was a walking tragedy: his partner was a minor character who was killed off in a recent Trek film, so we don’t even get to see his relationship, just his grief.
    Of course things are getting better for gays in the Trekverse. (In the new films, Sulu is apparently happily married to a man and has a daughter.) We’ll see.

    • N.J

      Ahh, hello again! :)
      Star Trek certainly does have some great writers! Ooh, Sulu with a husband and a daughter. That sounds great! Unfortunately, there are a lot of LGBT+ character deaths (more toward the majority)… I’m hoping that that will begin to change though.

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