I intend on posting sooner. Much sooner. Time is flying by….

The leaves are falling.

The second week of November is almost over.

The NaNoWriMo battle is underway.

Hence the reason why I did not post last week… or the beginning of this week apparently. C’est la vie.

I am working on two novels of very different lengths. And I have written much more in these first two weeks than I thought I would.

The first week of NaNoWriMo always seems to be filled with a sort of crazed excitement. The second week is often where everything starts to go downhill; the third week is often a mess; and the forth week is where you pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, make sure that your computer has not been too mangled by your despair, and sit back down to finish that darn wordcount.

This is the end of the second week. Things are going well so far. (Shh, do not jinx it.)


There is still time to catch up if you get behind.

Did I mention that my parents are also doing NaNoWriMo?

Yes, they are. The NaNoWriMo elephant has snuck into the house.

Right now it is standing in the living room.

Do you remember the purple hippopotamus? Yes? It is back, and it has been dropping things into my novels that I did not expect. So far, I think the list goes something like this:

  • Secondary characters that were only supposed to have small roles.
  • Death.
  • Love.
  • Torture.
  • Questions about reality.
  • A lot of confusion.
  • More death.

Not to mention the possibility that Kohinoor’s story might not end after the second book. I am not sure how that happened.

Subliminal also might end up being the lead in to a series. I am not sure how that happened either.

At least nothing is on fire. Sometimes the little unexpected detours can fix large problems. Or at least try:

But even then, purple hippopotamus are not always the solution to plot holes (I have many):

Everything must work out eventually:

Can you tell that I have been spending too much time procrastinating? Well… just because this is strangely fun… here is another one: