Welcome to march!

What do you mean “it’s the fifth already”?

Speaking of which, can we add a few more days?

February was one slow month.

My attention has been diverted by a lot of things I did not expect. I was able to get a few things done that have been hanging around for awhile, but I barely read anything. To be fair, I am partway through four books.

But I only read one full book in February. One. That is not something I am proud of. I do tend to go through periods of reading multiple books in a week, and then barely reading anything at all. But, seriously, how did this happen?

Regardless of what happened with my TBR list in February, March is a new month and I intend on reading much more.

Back to the topic at hand, this is the book I read in February:

1. The Glass Demon by: Helen Grant

The Glass Demon is an interesting book. I picked it up at a library booksale a few weeks ago because it is written in first person and I wanted to check the style. I did not know what to expect, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.

The story is about a family that moves to Germany for a year; the main character’s father is a medieval professor looking for church windows that disappeared hundreds of years ago. The windows are supposedly cursed by a demon who can kill with a single look. The main character, Lin, is in a family with a lot of problems. As the story progresses, more and more people die and attempts on the family’s lives are made. No one escapes unscathed.

I hope to have a book review up soon.

For the sake of a year that is already moving too fast, here is what I am reading right now: A Shot in the Dark by John Ferling (absolutely wonderful), The Odyssey by Homer (beautiful but slow), The White Queen by Philippa Gregory (still getting into it), and The History of Philosophy (a reprinting of the second edition) by Will Durant.

All right, hopefully I will become more organized with my posts. Until next time…